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BASE member portrait – Jürgen Mück, Urban Mobility Solutions

Did you know that 77% of Germans live in cities?

In recent years, however, more and more city dwellers have been moving to the surrounding areas (keyword: suburbanization). For cities as well as communities, this means new challenges for their mobility systems. And as in so many areas, digitalization offers completely new solutions.

Together with four colleagues, who also work at BASE Jürgen Mück has been working for over eight years as a product manager for [ui!] TRAFFIC. The [ui!] group has been specialized in equipping municipalities with an extensive set of digitization strategies and tools. This includes data analysis & visualization, environmental sensors & smart lighting, sustainable traffic optimization and energy management.

For example, Jürgen is currently working on projects in Wetzlar and in Bad Hersfeld: Wetzlar will suffer from huge road construction works in the near future, and [ui!] is researching ways to support traffic management during this time. In Bad Hersfeld [ui!] is working with local fire brigades and partners to help them reaching the accidents and fires faster by integrating emergency vehicles with traffic lights, navigation apps and AI technology.

Reach out to Jürgen for more info or explore the [ui!] website: 


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