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BASE member portrait – Johannes Rößner, BT Advisor

Silent, straightforward & super-specialized – that’s BASE member Johannes Rößner. He’s the founder and managing director of "BT Advisor UG", which has set itself the goal of improving safety when handling batteries. Customers range from battery test laboratories that want to improve their testing activities to battery developers that want to fully and efficiently validate their prototypes. In addition, BT Advisor helps its customers understand and implement regulations such as the new EU battery regulation.

Johannes has over 10 years of experience in the battery industry. He worked in battery testing laboratories in various roles and supervised battery testing. This ranges from performance to environmental and abuse testing and from the cell level to the system level. He worked in Japan and China for 7 years and was involved in the planning, construction and operation of battery test laboratories there. In June 2022 after returning from Asia, Johannes Rößner founded BT Advisor UG.

Reach out to Johannes for more info on BT Advisor: 


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