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BASE Redesign Anniversary – part 1

Time flies … Exactly one year ago we launched BASE’s new branding. We’re still super happy with it and feel it was exactly the right step at exactly the right time to upgrade BASE overall appearance. 

Good bye spacebase, hello fancy!

The spacebase originally was a link to BASE initiators' other company JUSTROCKET – and a lovely metaphor for BASE's originally very founder-focused strategic alignment of being „the perfect base for your startup“. However, BASE has evolved since then towards a slightly more settled business – and this made a make over necessary.

As the perfect partner for this mission Elmar Zapf of design studio Aníce took our branding to the next level. In addition to redesigning BASE’s logo and website in a very bold and stylish way they provided us with a general brand strategy and style guide.  

We were then able to translate the new design to print materials, space sign system and social media. Convenient that Verena Schindler, our community manager, has a background in design, too. 

BASE’s new claim, which was established in the process, not only breaks down perfectly what coworking is all about, but also hits the mark of this great rebranding cooperation:

Achieve more.


What do you think? 

Do you like our „new“ branding, after one year of experiencing it? 

To our members: do you feel it fits to BASE?

Let us know! We’re grateful for feedback!


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