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BASE Redesign Anniversary, part 2

In our last post we spoke about the redesign of BASE’s branding. But also the space itself got an enormous makeover in the past 12 months! 

  • We installed a spotlight system, which significantly brightens up the fix area, the meeting rooms and the kitchen.

  • We gave the meeting rooms a whole new look by painting the walls, buying new, fancy chairs and adding even more light over the conference tables.

  • We made our community kitchen cozier and more sociable by replacing the one big table with small bistro tables and rearranging the coffee station.

  • We upgraded the overall „seating experience“ with super-soft, colorful cushions. 

  • We bought lots and lots of plants.

These improvements weren’t super obvious. Still our members and visitors appreciate them very much. This confirms our conviction that things like light, plants, colors and comfortable seats, even thought they improve work life only subtly, are nevertheless crucial for a good coworking space. 

Wanna try and see how our cozy, comfortable coworking space looks like? You can book an intro tour right away on our Calendly:


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