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BASE Sommerfest

It’s one of the highlights of the BASE community calendar: the BASE Sommerfest. On Friday July 5th members, staff and friends from our network gathered for a very familiar, straßenfest-like early dinner in our backyard. And quite a special dinner, too ...

... a fancy hot dog buffet with soft brioche hot dog buns, savoury organic meat & vegan sausages, super-tasty sauces and various delicious toppings & relishes. Accompanied, of course, by cool beer – Helles & Radler from Giesinger and alcohol free premium beer from Bibamus. And Adami of course, lots of Adami and wine … 

The perfect prep for watching the Germany–Spain quarter finals of the European Championship 2024 afterwards! For this part we moved to Konfi again, where we had watched the Germany–Hungary match two weeks ago. And which had proved to be a great viewing area!

Let's not talk about "the end", but leave it that way: we had lots of fun watching a super exciting soccer match. :)

We love nice dinners. And we love low key program, where the focus lies on chatting, casual networking and simply having a good time together. That’s all it needs for making everybody happy – as was proved again yesterday!


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