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Bye bye flex area – hello fix!

Since the beginning of April BASE Coworking no longer has a flex area. Means: No day passes and no monthly memberships.

Wait, what?! A coworking space without day passes and flexible memberships? Is this even still a coworking space? Yes it is! One that – as we gradually discovered – best meets your needs. 

Because the majority of the working Münchner*innen in our experience ...

❌ doesn't like to work in hyper-stylish, noisy & crowded metropolitan café-like social hubs

❌ doesn't live the super-fancy digital nomad style á la "here today, tomorrow in San Francisco and the day after tomorrow on the beach in Tel Aviv"

❌ and isn't exactly founding "the next big thing"

In fact, they are looking for a coworking space ...

✅ where you can work concentrated at a normal desk with a comfortable office chair and, as a special luxury, you can also use a meeting room.

✅ to escape their ceiling falling on their heads in home office (the latter admittedly having been quite nice during Corona).

✅ so that they can meet other people with similar rather-normal jobs, exchange ideas and extend their coffee breaks.

In short: 

People need a comfortable workplace and a nice community.

For us this means: fix desks. And community simply works better if you always meet the same coworkers in the office – not new ones every time.

So we converted our flex desks into fixed desks and optimized the space accordingly. ✨ 

3 / 5 new fixed desks are still waiting for a new owner. So who would like to join our nice community?!


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