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We love our fans

Though it’s truly heartwarming how everybody’s looking forward to the EM Achtelfinale tomorrow, we’re not talking about soccer fans. And not about BASE fans either – though they are numerous and we love them with all our hearts, of course. 

We’re talking about these small, hardworking gadgets that help you get through a 30 degree summer workday without getting a heatstroke.

Since last summer all our phone booths have such a small desk fan – and members use them intensively. Of course, all our phone booths also have ventilation. But even fresh air can feel kind of oxygen-free when it’s above 25 degrees warm. 

So thanks to our power combo ventilation + fans, no member must neither suffocate or suffer from heatstroke.

Want to test it? Feel free to do a trial day at BASE. Write a short notice to and you’re welcome to work here with us!


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