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Window seat available at BASE Coworking

When it comes to seat preferences BASE Coworking has a lot in common with an airplane: 

👉 most people want to sit at the window (Thank god, BASE has two window fronts!)

👉 few want to sit on the aisle – due to particular personal preferences 

👉 no one wants to sit on the middle seat 

And since people sit longer at BASE desks than passengers in airplanes, they have quite strong feelings on their seats and seat re-negotiations tend to be tough…

Good news, rare opportunity: right now there’s an almost-window seat available! Frist come, first serve.

On top we offer you a SUMMER DEAL: sign in June and we give you 2 weeks for free. So if you’re currently looking for a coworking space, come check out BASE! 

Book a BASE visit right away on our Calendly.


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